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thosethatrun asked: hi Liam! What was the name of the book you were reading on fractual geometry? It looks good but I can't find the title :( thanks in advance! have a great day xx

It was called Introducing Fractal Geometry! Really interesting!

atheniart7 asked: hi liam! I was just wondering if there were any tags you track on tumblr, so that when people post stuff relating to art sketchbook and art buddies, you would see it? maybe have a universal tag, like everyone who participates tags their art as 'art buddies' so that we can all share and see?

This is such a great idea, but I have no idea how to do it! I don’t use Tumblr enough so I’m an actual noob at it. 

How do I do this? And then I shall make it happen! :D

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